Convicts Gold-Introduction

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Welcome to Convicts blog! Here you will find my reviews on 
The title of my blog has a double meaning. One part may be interpreted as physically tangible treasures to obtain.
While the other may be worth it's weight in wisdom. That will be determined by you ultimately.
With that said, I intend to provide my opinions, advice and overall experiences with the mentioned above. 
Along with possible online and offline crypto-currencies  such as bitcoin for anyone to try to hunt down in the future. 
I might sweep digital coins off the Internet  to paper wallets or onto usb ledger wallets that could be hidden  for you to adventure and quest after.
Or I may hide them through various links, images, videos and games.
If things cooperate I may promote free giveaways much like the bitcoin and doge coin faucets that I hosted for a year.
So pay attention to what I have to say. Clues, hints and tips may be mixed within the …